Service Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of North Mesa

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I have had my hair cut art this location a few times. I called to set an appointment today, and was told they only do walk ins. First of all, I think thats a poor practice since I'm a busy guy and every time I've gone in the past I've either had to sit and wait for at least 30 minutes, or come back another day so as to not waste time sitting around. the girl informed me i could "check in" online. I asked her if I could just check in with her right then since we were on the phone. She said no, that i had to go online to do it. What an additional waste of time. I went online and after clicking on everything I could and spending 10 minutes wasting additional time looking for "online check in" which was no where to be found, i decided to call one of the many competitors in the area and was able to book a set time with ease. Sports Clips, if you really care about your customers, why would you make us jump through hoops to try to bring you our business and why make us sit around waiting if we have the foresight to plan our days ahead of time. You lost a customer today. Perhaps many more that didn't take the time to let you know that they went elsewhere. I encourage you to think of the customer first and realize that if you won't meet our needs, there are plenty of places nearby that will.

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